Every Flavour Beans Dog Bowl
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Every Flavour Beans Dog Bowl

Vendor: Mutt Of Course
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Anything from the trolly, dears? No surprises here! 

We’ve already spilled the beans about this Official Harry Potter 

collection for pets. A bowl full of every flavour bean or water or 

food – this bowl will present just what your pet needs.

- Official Harry Potter © WBE (s22) Merchandise

- Limited & exclusive collection

- Melamine with steel bowl insert

- Anti-skid base

- Side cut-out for easy pick up

- Avoid using scrubber to clean the bowl. Use a sponge with liquid soap to remove stains

- Dishwasher Friendly

Size Guide:

S- 400 ml (approx 2-3 cups) for cats and dogs

M- 800 ml (approx 4-5 cups) for cats and dogs

L- 1500 ml (approx 5-6 cups) for dogs