Beeps Whitening Shampoo(502ml)

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Product Description
Beeps’ brightening shampoo, guaranteed to remove staining and brighten your pet’s natural coat color

Now you can make your furry baby super clean and brighten up that dull coat with the Hydra Beeps Whitening Shampoo - 502 ml. This shampoo has especially been formulated for dogs with white or light coloured coats.

The Hydra Beeps Whitening Shampoo - 502 ml is infused with chamomile which helps in giving your furry companion a brighter coat. It cleans the coat thoroughly to remove any red or yellow stains from it. If your dog has white fur it will become radiant and if your pooch has a coat of some other colour it will become even more radiant. With an aroma of blueberries, the Hydra Beeps Whitening Shampoo - 502 ml will leave your pooch feeling fresh and clean. It helps in deodorising the coat and makes it appealing both to the eyes and the nose!

This shampoo has been made with natural ingredients such as chamomile which help in soothing irritated and dry skin. It is a skin sensitive shampoo for dogs of all ages! Get the Hydra Beeps Whitening Shampoo

-Includes chamomile, which promotes a brighter and shinier coat
-Leaves a pleasant and light blueberry scent
-Rinses out and dries easily, leaving behind a smooth and shiny coat
-Safe for dogs and puppies over 4 weeks old

-502 ml


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