Bellycious Milk with Oats & Chia Seeds
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Bellycious Milk with Oats & Chia Seeds

Vendor: Belly Rubs
Rs. 230.00

Bellyrubs dog biscuits are suitable for all dog breeds above the age of 2 months. For smaller dogs and puppies you can break the biscuit in 2 pcs for ease of eating, if required.

INGREDIENTS- Whole Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil, Jaggery, Sugar, Milk, Milk powder, Rolled Oats, Chia Seeds, Hydrolysed Veg Protein, Permitted Emulsifier, Permitted Preservatives & Antioxidants.

- Made with high quality & 100% Human Grade Ingredients
- Made with fresh Milk & Chia Seeds
- All Ingredients sourced locally
- No Added Colour
- No Added Artificial Flavour
- No artificial palatability enhancers

- 250 Gms