Chicken Liver Jerky

Chicken Liver Jerky

Chicken Liver Jerky

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Kennel Kitchen Chicken Liver Jerky is an all natural protein baked snack for your dogs & cats. Chicken Liver is thinly sliced and then slow dried to retain maximum nutrition.

Kennel Kitchen diet is high in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals derived from natural sources. All ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms.

Suitable for all Cats & Dogs.
Contains fresh regionally sourced high quality Chicken Liver.
Highly Digestible.
Contains No Fillers – No Corn, Soy or Wheat.
No artificial preservatives.
Feeding Instructions: Serve treats responsibly as part of a complete and balance diet. For the safety of your pet observation is recommended while giving your pet treats.

Ingredients: Chicken Liver and Glycerin


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