Small Dental Bites Chicken & Parsley
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Small Dental Bites Chicken & Parsley

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Delicious, hand baked treats for dogs, Wagg Dental Bites have been specifically developed to promote oral health and freshen breath.
A tasty biscuit treat for dogs of all sizes, Wagg Dental Bites are formulated with irresistible lamb for a meaty taste dogs love. They also contain parsley and mint, helping to promote fresher breath.
A uniquely shaped treat, Wagg Dental Bites have a great texture that helps to reduce tartar build up, and are hand baked to perfection to retain all the flavour of the delicious ingredients in every biscuit. Free from artificial colours and flavours, they truly are delicious with the added benefit of dental care for your dog.Ideal for all dogs from 8 weeks of age. Hand baked treats.Uniquely shaped to help reduce tartar build up.With added parsley and mint to help promote fresh breath.With delicious lamb.Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.Free from artificial colours and flavour.

size -100 gms