Bathing v/s Dog grooming wipes

Bathing v/s Dog grooming wipes

It’s often said that a refreshing bath cleanses not just one’s body, it cleanses one’s soul too. When it comes to our mutts though taking a bath everyday can be a nightmare. Every mutt doesn’t have an affinity to water and bathing in closed spaces leaves them gasping for their breath too. So, is there a quick fix or a replacement for bathing? Well, the answer to this question is quite nuanced. There can’t really be a replacement to bathing, however, when it comes to maintaining hygiene through spot and paw cleaning buying dog wipes online can do the trick. The right dog grooming wipes are made of nourishing ingredients which cleanse the dog’s fur and paws while hydrating them too. If you’re looking to buy dog grooming wipes online then it’s important to understand the exact requirements of your pet.

The Purpose of Dog Wipes

Giving your canine a weekly shampoo is a must. However, for giving them a dose of everyday cleaning dog grooming wipes come in handy. Especially post your dog’s everyday walk, its paws can carry many unwanted germs within your house through their paws. Therefore, cleaning your dog’s paws after its everyday walk can ensure that no unwanted germs enter your home.

For cleaning small areas of your pooch intimately, dog grooming wipes are useful too. In short, dog grooming wipes are great for spot cleaning of your dogs.

What are the best options when it comes to dog grooming wipes?

There are specific pet wipes for specific parts of your dog’s body. There are some which can be used generally, however, when it comes to providing specialized care then specific dog wipes can be used pertaining to the issue.

Petkin offers a wide range of Pet wipes. Some of them are :

  1. Big n Thick Oatmeal Pet Wipes

    Big n' Thick Oatmeal PetWipes provide a soothing & gentle way to keep your pet clean every day. Each big and thick, heavy duty wipe is moistened with a gentle cleansing formula enriched with organic oat extract to help soothe itchy, dry skin. Gentle enough to use every day around pet’s eyes, ears, face, and body. Won’t remove spot flea treatments.

    1. Big N Thick Mineral Bath Wipes

    Gently cleans & conditions with dead sea minerals. Big N' Thick Mineral Bath PetWipes provide a fast, convenient way to keep your pet clean and healthy every day. Each big and thick, heavy duty wipe is moistened with a natural cleansing formula enriched with dead sea minerals that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet coat while restoring skin moisture and softness. Gentle enough to use every day around pet's eyes, ears, face, and body.

    1. Jumbo Earwipes

    These extra soft wipes are moistened with a gentle cleanser and deodorizer to remove dirt and wax from the ear which helps prevent infection. It soothes itching and is convenient to use.

    1. Itchwipes

    ItchWipes provides an easy way to soothe your pet's itching and discomfort caused by hot spots, flea bites and skin irritations. The cool and soothing formula soothes itch and pain on contact to reduce your pet's scratching, licking and chewing. Bitter taste stops your pooch from licking it.

    We know you as a pet parent are searching for the best grooming wipes at best price in Delih/India. However, there is no one size fits all dog grooming wipes. You have to look for the best option depending upon what your dog needs. Keep celebrating your dog’s every day with the best products for them!


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