Best Dog Leashes & Harnesses to buy online

Good Harness for siberian husky

Dogs naturally get restless when their owners are away, but with some strategic planning, you can also keep your pup happy while they wait at home. Puppies are full of energy, you can count on them to do plenty of damage when you're not there. Taking your dog for a walk and meeting up with other dogs or people can be a great way to use up some of their energy & get some fresh air.

Here is a list of Best Dog Leashes & Harnesses to buy online

Neon Coral Leash

Neon Coral Leash super soft on the hands


This stunning Neon Coral dog leash is super soft on the hands and protects stitching with a rubber skull logo. It comes with a secure locking clasp for an effortless and safe walking experience.

Pacco Air Mesh Harness

This harness has a buckle that locks


Our Pacco Adjustable Air Mesh Harness is comfortable and breathable, great to use on sensitive fur. This harness has a buckle that locks and is safe for your pet. It also has a D-ring by the buckle for tying the leash attachment.

Gotham Ruff Leash

best dog leash on the market


This is undeniably the best dog leash on the market. It's been voted as the #1 dog lead by Pet Product News International and is built with a specially created shock-absorbent, durable spring that ensures you can be comfortable while walking even mean-spirited dogs. The super hook has a screw lock that you just have to rotate to get it tightly locked.

Fritz H- Harness

best harness for your dog


Halters are a safe & effective way to keep your pet comfortable in a harness. This one is convenient because it's easy to adjust and has two clips that allow you to hook up the leash wherever you like. Plus, the lock is 4 points with straps that can also adjust in size, so it's perfect for any animal.


best dog leashes & harnesses to buy online


Our dog leashes are made of a rich, velvety soft Polyester that is both resistant and safe. They come with our iconic imprinted rubber skull logo for durable stitching and the Super Hook locks for a convenient & safe walk.

When it comes to choosing the best dog leashes & harnesses to buy online for your furry friends, Belly Rubs are nothing but the best online pet supplies store in India.

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