During the COVID-19 Outbreak, Can I Still Order My Pet Products Online With BellyRubs?

Pet Products Online
The year 2020 has been a bearer of bad news one after the other. The Australian wildfires, passing of Kobe Bryant and the spreading of Covid-19 all over the world, being amongst the many bad news. In India, the Janata curfew announced by the government at the end of March marked the beginning of the long (and still continuing) lockdown in the country.
This lockdown has changed the way we function and live our lives. One segment of our population that was extremely happy with the announcement of the lockdown was – our beloved pets. They had undivided attention from their parents and were being pampered on a whole new level! Apart from this, the pandemic has led to a huge surge in the demand for pets by Indian households and more and more families are introducing a pet in their family during this time.
Bull dog with football
Having said that, pets at home, especially new pets, require a lot of care and attention in terms of their daily needs such as pet food, grooming, entertainment and health such as vaccinations. The pandemic has changed consumer behavior in terms of spending. Retail sales have been negatively affected and online sales have seen a huge increase as people are now avoiding any physical interaction with other people via stores.
To all pet parent’s rescue, Belly Rubs Best Pet Products Online in India provides an easy and convenient way to order all pet related products from the comfort of your homes. The website is easy to navigate and offers a wide range of product categories to choose from including – Dog Grooming, Dog Food, Dog Treats, Dog Shampoo, Leashes, collars and harnesses, Dog Toys and Bowls. All products have been sourced from high quality brands from India and internationally. It’s a one-stop-shop for all pet related needs that will make life easier for pet owners. All packages shipped follow highest level of safety standards ensuring customer protection, given the apprehension to interact with outside agents.
labrador dogs are so caring with humans
So, now you can focus on spending time with your pets and forming an inseparable bond of love, while we make sure you have everything you need for that to happen. Having a pet is like nurturing a child, all they ask for is love and care (and maybe a few treats and toys) and they would give your heart to you in a second. Belly Rubs is proud to be your partner during this pandemic and beyond, to make sure your pets are happy and living life ‘king size’.
So shop away on Belly rubs Online Pet Products Store for affordable luxury for your pets, delivered to your doorstep.


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