How can Gigiwi dog toys help your mutt in developing strong teeth?

How can Gigiwi dog toys help your mutt in developing strong teeth?

Isn’t it amazing how all your worries simply vanish when you have a play session with your mutt! Much like how we thrive on play, our mutts need their play too. This is where Gigwi dog toys come into the mix. They indeed keep your pooch engaged and healthy. If you frequently google words like ‘plush toys online Delhi’ or ‘Buy Dog & Cat Toys Online’ then buying Gigwi toys online is the instant solution for you. The companionship of dogs and human beings has been age old. However, the role of our pooch has changed tremendously. From being used for hunting in the ages gone by, they are now more of couch potatoes.

Therefore, it becomes essential for us to keep the creative juices in our dogs flowing. Dog toys not just keep your canines engaged but they also ensure that they develop strong jaws and clean teeth too.

So here are the Gigwi dog toy types which you can choose from

  1. Chew Toys

Does your dog have a habit of chewing on your sofa or shoes? Well, chewing is a dog’s natural instinct and they resort to it more often especially when they are stressed or anxious. With Gigwi Chew Toys you can stimulate your dogs by turning their chewing into exercise. It also teaches your dog as to what is okay to chew and what’s not.

Gigwi chew toys are BPA and PVC free and are mostly made of Thermoplastic Rubber. This ensures that the toys are toxin free and durable too.

  1. Plush Toys

Dogs love snuggling with a plush toy and shaking it endlessly. Since our mutts have descended from being used for hunting, they love carrying a game in their mouth. And plush toys does the trick for them. It simulates a feeling of having hunted a game within them.

The plush toys you choose should not have small pieces of eyes or nose in them. They carry a choking hazard for your dogs. You can choose from over 20 Gigwi plush toys to keep your dog engaged in play. You can indulge them in a game of Tug of War or Fetch with plush toys. This helps in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and their jaw strong.

  1. Interactive Toys

Dog toys also enable dog parents in inculcating good habits within their dogs. Food and treat dispensing dog toys should be in every dog parent’s toolbox. They offer fun, mental stimulation, and a great way to burn off energy, helping to relieve boredom for your dogs. They even help in keeping your dog’s jaw strong.

Gigwi’s Johnny Stick treats dispenser is made of durable TPR, can be easily washed and has a locker for refilling the treats. It is made of durable Thermoplastic Rubber which is free from any toxins.



Every dog parent looks to buy dog toys at best price in Delhi/India. But when one is looking for Dog/Puppy Toys Online then no compromises should be made on quality. That’s where Gigwi dog toys offer nothing but the best!


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