Which vegetarian dog treats to choose for your pet?

Which vegetarian dog treats to choose for your pet?

Words like conservation and preservation came into being since the early 1900’s. That’s fairly recent considering how long humans have exploited the mother earth. Currently almost the entire human race is aware about the consequences of exploiting our natural resources any further. Perhaps that’s the reason behind people around us becoming increasingly environment conscious. They are choosing products and services which leave a smaller carbon footprint. In line with this approach, going or vegan has emerged as the new trend. Surprisingly, people want to adopt the same lifestyle for their pet dogs too. Scientific studies have revealed that the body of a dog can easily digest starches. This makes choosing a vegetarian diet a great choice for your dogs. But before putting your beloved vegetarian pooch on a particular diet it is important to gauge their affinity towards it. Hence, beginning with feeding them vegetarian dog treats is a good idea. When it comes to buying online pet food supplies in Delhi or in India your search should end at this platform itself. We know that as a pet parent you look to buy dog treats at best price online in India. But while looking to buy dog treats online, price should not be the only factor. It is important to understand the exact needs of your pooch too.

Which vegetarian dog treats to choose?

There are many vegetarian dog treats available these days. However, as pet parents you must ensure that these treats don’t contain any artificial additives and that all its ingredients are sourced locally. Here are a few vegetarian dog treats which you can choose for your pooch –

  1. Dogaholics Milky Chew Stick Style or Bone Style

Milky Chews is made from a highly selective assortment of the finest ingredients available. It is different from the ordinary rawhide treats. It’s a premium chew with a delicious milk flavour. You can even choose its bone style variant instead of the stick variant. Store it in a cool dry place. It’s also suitable for dogs of all breeds from 2 months onwards.

  1. Fresh for Paws’ Peanut Butter

This Peanut Butter is an ultimate sidekick for your dog’s treats. Ask any dog and they’ll tell you Peanut Butter is at top of their favourite treats. Whether you use it for baking treats, making pills more enticing, or simply letting your dog lick a dab off your fingers, this creamy peanut butter is as good as a belly rub.

Fresh For Paws’ Peanut Butter comes with the right amount of salt and sugar which is suitable for your little ones. Made with ingredients that are super safe for your pooches.  It’s homemade and contains no Xylitol.

  1. Trixie’s Milchie Dog White Chocolate

This white chocolate has heavily reduced theobromine content. It’s a delicious and nutritious white chocolate with vitamins. Trixie's white chocolate gives energy and is the ideal supplemental food and healthy reward for your dog.

We know that you’re concerned about your dog’s health as a pet parent. Your google search must be filled with keywords like ‘dog treats India’ or ‘dog treats online India’ or ‘order pet products online Delhi’. Our platform is the single answer to all your pet based requirement. Keep choosing us and till then stay tuned to this space for more such content!


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