Donnut Disturb Shirt
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Donnut Disturb Shirt

Vendor: Mutt Of Course
Rs. 899.00

Give your pet the luxury of keeping cool in this extra special shirt of course! Made of 100% cotton. The Velcro fastening in the front makes it easy to slip on and off. Velcro fastening also helps to hold the shirt in place even when your dog is running around. All Mutt of Course products are exclusively printed and designed for our lovely mutts. They are super cute, fun and absolutely affordable.

Size Guide:

Large: Neck- 12", Girth- 23", Length- 12.5"
XL: Neck- 14", Girth- 25", Length- 14.5"
2XL: Neck- 16", Girth- 28", Length- 17"
3XL: Neck- 18", Girth- 30", Length- 19"
4XL: Neck- 19", Girth- 33", Length- 22"
5XL: Neck- 22", Girth- 40", Length- 25"