Gnawlers Calcium Milk Stick Dog Treat

Gnawlers Calcium Milk Stick Dog Treat

Gnawlers Calcium Milk Stick Dog Treat

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Gnawlers Calcium Milk Stick dog treat is scientifically engineered with all food grade raw materials, no artificial flavors/colors, and with adequate levels of calcium. And this milk sticks, when chewed, assist in rubbing off the tartar and plaque formation from the teeth and gums of the dog facilitating the incoming of fresh breath It is suitable for dogs of all breeds 2 months onwards. It is easily digestible, cleans teeth and freshens breath.


Calcium milk sticks for dogs & puppies
It helps to maintain strong bones and muscles,
It improves digestive problems and cleans teeth.
It is good for teeth and bones
Made of high quality and finest Ingredients.
Use as a supplement to feed that meets your dog's daily requirements.
Satisfy urge to chew
Twisted shape cleans teeth while chewing, reduces tartar, plaque, while freshening dog's breath.

Milk powder, Sodium caseinate, Calcium carbonate, Cereal cellulose, Gelatine YuccaI, MO Natural flavour, Rosemary extract

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