3 common mistakes you are making while giving your dog a bath

3 common mistakes you are making while giving your dog a bath

We might find having a bath rejuvenating, it makes us feel fresh. We are ready to take on the world post having a nice bath. But our dogs simply detest the idea of it. They hate the idea of being confined in the bathroom with water and soap all over them.

However, to provide your pooch with the perfect grooming it is imperative to choose the right products for them. You can buy dogs shampoo online in Delhi or from anywhere in India at bellyrubs.in. It offers pet products at best price in India.

Let’s analyse the 4 common mistakes you are making while giving your dog a bath and the changes you can make in their grooming regime:

1. Not every Shampoo is a match made in heaven

We venture into a supermarket and pick up any Shampoo of the shelf just matching our needs. However, that choice can never be that simple when it comes to our mutts. Our pooch’s skin has a different pH balance than our skin, hence it is highly unadvisable to use our Shampoos for our dogs.

You must give your mutt a dose of what it really requires in its bathing routine. If your mutt’s coat is shedding more than usual than you can choose to use Earthbath dog shampoo India. Its shed control variant is enriched with the goodness of Green Tea and Awapuhi which relieves shedding and dander. Its formulation has been created by blending the finest antioxidants and skin moisturizers found in nature.

If you have a long haired canine than tangling can be an issue for your dog. Therefore, Trixie’s Detangling Shampoo can provide lasting prevention from the problem. It eases combing and prevents matts

2.Always going for the wet bath

When it comes to caring for your senior and sick dogs, giving them a wet bath might not always be a practical option. Bad weather can also play a spoil sport in a wet bath. These are the use cases where a Waterless Bath makes perfect sense.

Biogroom’s Waterless Bath Shampoo allows you to shampoo without wetting or rinsing when bathing is not practical. It contains conditioners that leave the skin and coat feeling its best. It contains no harsh chemicals, leaves no irritating residue, and is pH balanced and mild.

3.Going for cheap alternatives having harsh chemicals

Most dog shampoos available over the counter are laden with DEA, phosphates, enzymes, or synthetic dye.

Ingredients like Oatmeal and Aloe Vera help in relieving itching and dry dog skin. Earthbath’s Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo addresses the needs of beloved pets with dry, itchy skin.Oatmeal and aloe vera are recommended by veterinarians to effectively combat skin irritation, promote healing, and re-moisturize sensitive, dry skin. This luxurious shampoo is all-natural, soap-free and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly, leaving your pet's coat and skin brilliantly clean, soft, plush and smelling better than ever before. All organic ingredients. 100% biodegradable and gentle on you and your pet.

When it comes to finding shampoo for dogs in Delhi or in India online, there is no better place than Bellyrubs.in. It offers a wide range of Conditioners and Dog Wipes too. Stay tuned to this space for more such exciting mutt cracking content!


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