4 common dog food/accessories to avoid

4 common dog food/accessories to avoid

You had a lousy day at work and came back home exhausted. You had accepted that today was not your day. Just right then, you enter your house and your canine charges at you merrily. Your pooch sticks out its tongue and licks you wholeheartedly. Your lousy day is not a complete waste, it has a silver lining to it too.

Your mutts add a much needed zing to your life. They are stress busters in their own right. Hence, we need to care for them holistically too. No pet parents compromise when it comes to their dog’s health. However, they can make wrong calls when it comes to choosing products for their pooch. Bellyrubs.in is the best online pet supplies store in India which has got you covered. You can buy dog accessories in Delhi or from anywhere in India at bellyrubs.in.

Following are the 4 dog food/accessories to avoid for your dog and suggested alternatives which you can choose from:

1. Getting high on life with your mutt

    We enjoy having drinks once in a while. It helps us relax and let go. However, our dogs don’t have that luxury. Even small amounts of alcohol can be poisonous for them.

    However, now you can buy Pet Food and accessories in Delhi or from anywhere in India through bellyrubs.in. Explore Woof & Brew’s Dog Wines available on our website. They come in 2 variants which are Posh Pooch White and Rose Red Dog Wine. They are non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. It’s packed with a punch of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. They are a perfect gift for dog birthdays, Diwali and other special occasions.

    2. Making play lit for your dogs

      Using a laser light and pointing it towards your dogs can get them all worked up. They chase the light with all their heart yet they are never able to catch the light. This leaves the dogs anxious and irritable.

      Instead of using a laser light, pet parents can use durable squeaker toys to play fetch with their dogs. The dog feels rewarded once they catch the toy instead of constantly chasing the laser light. You can order pet products at best price in India from bellyrubs.in.

      Bellyrubs.in has a collection of over 30 squeaker toys from Gigwi, Kong and M-Pets.

      3. Retractable leashes are a straight ‘no’

        Retractable leashes offer very less control over your pooch. They can go way over the line and they won’t know that they were being a bad dog. Instead using traditional leashes is the best alternative.

        You can check out the fine range of leash collections from Mutt Ofcourse and ZeeDog available on bellyrubs.in. They are super soft on your hands and on the dog’s fur too.

        4. Dog’s digestion doesn’t work the way a human’s digestion does

          A dog’s digestive system produces 100 times the acid than a human digestive system does. This means that they rapidly break down proteins and have little hindrance at softening bone matter or grizzly bits that would be impossible for a human to digest.

          For the same reason we should avoid feeding our dogs corn, wheat and soy products. Jerkies available on bellyrubs.in are free of corn, wheat and soy. Jerkies from Chip Chops, Doggie Dabbas, Jerhigh and Kennel Kitchen can be purchased from bellyrubs.in. The ingredients of these jerkies are all natural and sourced locally.

          When it comes to tending to your mutts, the don’ts are more important than they do’s. Keep celebrating he love for your dogs with us!


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