5 Important Tips For Choosing Healthy Dog Food For Puppies

Puppies are adorable. They are little goofballs full of energy and warmth, and if you’re a newly turned pet parent, we should let you know that they grow up way too fast.

The growth stage of a puppy lasts for about 2 years while puppyhood is at its peak around the 5th to the 7th month. And just like any newborn baby, they need the right amount of nutrients, protein and fat to strengthen their bones, body and mind, helping them grow into a healthy and happy dog.

Having said that, choosing the right Dog Food for your little puppy might seem tricky and hard at first but in reality it’s a simple process. A few ground rules, a little list of do’s and don'ts  and you can ace raising your little pup.

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Here are the 5 Important Tips for choosing healthy dog food for puppies:

Read & Research Before You Buy

As a pet parent, it becomes your responsibility to be conscious about the food you buy for your pup. A pro move is to learn to read the ingredients and research about the brands and websites you’re ordering your dog food from.

    This could give you an insight about the quantity and quality of the nutrients they offer.

    This way you can monitor the amount of calories, fat, protein and other nutrients for your little pup’s intake and can help you balance out the diet plan for your dog accordingly.

    Finding The Right Balance For Overall Growth

    Puppies need to be fed three to four times a day as opposed to dogs who require meals two times a day. The growth rate for a puppy is almost twenty times more than that of a dog. Hence, feeding your little dog the correct diet, on a strict routine with the right balance of protein, fat and nutrients is extremely necessary.

      When choosing Dog Food For Your Puppies, make sure you give them food rich in protein.

      Dry Dog Food is preferred over wet dog food as it has more protein than the latter.
      Little puppies require food rich in nutrients and fats for their joint and muscle growth as well as eye development and mental growth.

      Giving your Dog Food at the exact same time everyday can lead to healthy habits and will also be helpful in monitoring the growth of your dog.

      Low Fat Treats Are Real Game Changers

      As pet parents, we’re all excited to train our little dog into a fine adult.

      Most of us make use of dog treats to build dog habits and make them work out a little. But, giving your dog too many Dog Treats can lead to accumulation of unnecessary fat and bad health.

      Little Puppies have a sensitive stomach and they may also pick up allergies to certain food. One needs to be really particular about feeding them correctly.
      Low Fat Treats work wonders in this scenario. They do not take a toll on your puppy’s digestion and when used in moderation can be great to have a little play time or training with your little pooch.

      And, let’s admit it, who doesn’t love a little treat? Haha, we all do and with all the varieties available online we can choose which ones suits our dog the best.
      You can find some great quality Dog Treat options.

      Stick to Dog Food. Period:- With a new member added in the family we want to pamper him and give him the best all the time. Everyone in the family wants to feed the little doggo and wants to play with him, which is absolutely fine. But, when it comes to having a meal, dogs need to have a strict timing along with the right kind of food.

      There are a lot of things dogs are allergic to or might not be able to digest and like at all. Hence, we cannot offer them the food we eat. Choose a certain dog food and stick to it.

      Why, you ask? Because it helps you monitor the dog’s growth, keeps the nutrition intake stable and consistent and the dosage can be moderated accordingly. Dog Food is specially made keeping in mind the little one’s requirements and most of the time has no reaction and does no harm. Using dog food also prevents your little puppy from picking up bad habits, bad behavior or table manners, and definitely bad health. Hence, sticking to dog food is the way to go.

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