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Dog Toy varieties, buying tips and a lot more

Plush Toy- a Dog’s Best Friend or Another Toy getting ripped apart?

Let’s admit it, dogs love plush toys. Stuffed dog toys come in various designs, styles, shapes and sizes. Some plush toys even have squeakers and other kinds of stuffings. Dogs love roaming around with plush toys clutched in their jaws. They’ll either rip them apart or play with them endlessly. Most dogs are intrigued by the sound of the squeaker and play with them in amusement. Keeping a check on your dog when he plays with the toy is also crucial. See to it that they do not swallow the stuffing or squeakers as that could be harmful for the dog.

Having said that, a plush toy is a great friend for dogs. So if you’re planning to buy one, do your research and choose the right plush toy that is sturdy and fun to play with and is of the right size as per your pet. An aggressive chewer might rip it apart but having a good, tough plush toy would last longer than you’d expect it to. Hence, you should definitely go ahead with one. Find some great plush toy options here.

Are Squeaky Toys good for your dog?

Squeaker toys or squeaky toys are generally made out of vinyl, rubber or plastic and come in a lot of colorful shapes and sizes. Your dog might love them or simply love ‘destroying’ them.

If your dog has aggressive chewing habits then buying a durable squeaky should be your first choice. The durability of squeaker dog toys varies from brand to brand. As a pet parent, you would want a squeaky that would be fun for your dog to play with, wouldn’t get chewed away so easily and would be an inexpensive dog toy. Right?

BellyRubs, India’s trusted online dog store, delivers to your home the best of dog toys from the finest dog toy brands from across the globe. We also offer free home deliveries for orders over Rs. 999!

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A squeaker can be fun to play with for your pet but its sound might drive you crazy. So, you can also opt for ‘silent’ squeakers. BellyRubs offers push to mute squeaker toys where squeaker can be turned off by pet parents at night or when they don’t want to be disturbed. They produce high pitched squeaks that might be inaudible to you but would be easily heard by your dog.

We, at BellyRubs India, offer over 30+ various squeaker toys to choose from.

Check the collection and much more.

Interactive Toys, a Mix of Fun and Learning for your dog

Interactive toys, as the name suggests, are meant to engage your dogs mentally. The most common interactive dog toy is the treats dispenser. It not only keeps your dog engaged but is also a great toy to build good habits and learn new stuff. A Dog Wobbler is also one kind of a dog food and treats dispensing toy. The Kong Wobbler is an instant hit among all interactive toys. Dogs sure love treats and when they come with a little fun and play, well, nothing like it.

They act as a great mental stimulation tool and are a great way to have fun while getting sharper and building skills.

Rope Toys, One Dog Toy with Multiple Benefits

As your little pup grows into a healthy and happy doggo, there’s going to be a lot of bad habits he might pick up in the process. One of those is biting and nipping around. Rope Toys for dogs help curb that bad habit. Not only this, they are true ice breakers. Bond with your dog even more by playing a session of tug of war with him using a playing rope. Rope Dumbbells and Rope Rings are used to get your dog to do some exercise and build those back muscles.

One thing to keep in mind while buying a rope toy for your dog is to make sure the material used is the right one. Natural Fibres and sturdy materials are preferred as they cannot be chewed away so easily and even if your dog intakes one of the strands it can easily be passed away through their system.

Chewing on a rope toy also helps a dog clean plaque from teeth.

Buy Latex Dog Toys Online Without a Thought

Dog Toys made from latex rubber are made from safe, non-toxic materials.
BellyRubs India, has some cute latex toy options that are sure to win your little pooch’s heart. Oh, and did we tell you- Latex Toys are super durable and extremely safe for your dog as they’re free from harmful chemicals and promote dental hygiene. Well, that should be enough for you to add one or maybe two to your cart right away. Haha! Go check them out.

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Vinyl Toys and their benefits.

Amidst all that speculation about whether or not a Vinyl Toys is good for your dog, here’s a few things that might help you make the right decision.

Vinyl toys are a great asset for dogs who love chewing almost anything and everything. They help control that habit and act as a great toy to prevent or reduce destructive chewing.

Vinyl Toys provide gum relief for teething puppies and add to improved dental health. At times like Covid19,  there’s a lot of stress and anxiety that piles up in a dog’s mind. In such cases, a Vinyl Dog Toy can be your dog’s escape to relief.

Chew Toys, a ‘MUST BUY’ Dog Toy

Well, as a dog parent and someone who’s been looking to buy a Chew Toys for his dog, your search ends here. The Mecca of Online Dog Stores, The Best Online Dog Shop, BellyRubs India is where you needed to be and here you are.

To begin with let us tell you Chew Toys such as Daily dental durable chew, Kong Extreme, puppy chew and  puppy teething sticks are some great chew dog toys that help your little puppy or handsome dog chew his day away. BellyRubs also offers Nylabone Chew Toys which is a premium chew toy brand with optimum benefits and everlasting quality. Chew Toys strengthen the jaw muscles and teeth and are a great thing for growing puppies.

Other Toys

Well, once you step online to search for a dog toy or buy one for your pawsome friend, make sure you’ve researched what dog toy would go best with your dog. Check if the brand that offers that toy provides quality products and if the price range suits your pocket or not. Sharp or pointed dog toys should be checked off immediately. The same should be done with hazardous dog products and toys. Remember, your dog’s safety should be your first priority.

You can choose from a great range of Dog Toys available at BellyRubs India’s online website.

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