5 Ways To Ensure a Healthy Life For Your Dog

5 Ways To Ensure a Healthy Life For Your Dog

Our furry friends are so dear to us that we want them to stay healthy and happy forever. Their health somewhere is our responsibility. By taking a few little measures we can ensure a long life for them. Here are 5 tips that will make sure that your furry friends live longer, healthier and happier!


Be it dogs, cats, or even humans, vaccination is a must. It will be their protection from things that will make them weak and might even cause their life. Unvaccinated puppies are more vulnerable to these illnesses, and sadly, they frequently can’t be saved. All dogs must receive them beginning at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Vaccination protects against deadly infections including rabies, parvo, and distemper as well as other serious, highly contagious illnesses. The regimen and vaccinations they require will differ depending on their health conditions, breed, and where they reside, so consult your veterinarian about what to acquire. Your vet may advise you on a yearly vaccination schedule for your dog and puppies. It might hurt them a bit, but you can always make it up with healthy and yummy Dog treats. Find some great Dogs Treats in Delhi here.

Balanced Diet

Again, just like humans, a balanced diet is a must for your dogs. Neither too much, nor too less and with the right amount of nutrients. Feed your dog, Premium Dog Food that is appropriate for their age, breed, and any special dietary needs. To determine the proper portion sizes and feeding plan based on your pet’s height, weight, size, and lifestyle, do consult with your veterinarian. If you are looking for healthy and nutritious Pet Food in Delhi then we would recommend Bellyrubs, one of the trusted Online Pet Food Supplies in Delhi.


The good part here is unlike their hoomans, dogs love walks and exercises. Now, hooman it is your responsibility to match up to their energy levels. To maintain a healthy weight, activate their muscles, and improve cardiovascular health, dogs need regular physical activity. To keep them busy, take them on daily walks, have playdates, and play with interactive toys. The amount of activity needed varies by breed. High-energy breeds may require an hour or more of vigorous activity once or twice a day, while some dogs can maintain their health with only a simple stroll around the block. Adequate physical activity not only keeps your dog physically healthy, but it can also avoid mental boredom, which can result in anxiousness or destructive behaviour. Along with proper exercise, try to maintain a healthy diet for your dog as well. Bellyrubs is an Order Pet Products Online in Delhi which provides a variety of healthy food options for your dogs.

Regular Vet Visits

As a pet owners, we don’t even need to tell you to “not miss the vet visits” for your furry sweethearts. To ensure the general health of your dog scheduling routine examinations with your veterinarian is always recommended. Their health depends on vaccinations, parasite prevention measures, and dental care. Regular exams enable the early detection and treatment of any health problems. Regular physical examinations are crucial to maintaining the long-term health and well-being of your pet. Even if your dog seems healthy, having an annual vet checkup helps your veterinarian to evaluate your pet’s well-being and check for any newly emerging conditions that are easier to treat when discovered early.

Watch Your Weight and Change Your Diet

Obesity in dogs can result in a variety of health issues. Keep a close eye on your dog weight and, if required, see a vet to change their food or feeding schedule. Choose the food based on your dog’s breed, height and weight. If you are looking for a website which can offer you multiple options for healthy dog diets then BellyRubs is your answer. Buy Dog Food Online Delhi and choose healthy eating and living for your beloved pet.


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