5 Tips to Ensure a Happy Summer for Your Dog

5 Tips to Ensure a Happy Summer for Your Dog

We all feel the heat rising up and for us, this means indulging in some cold treats to soothe ourselves. But for our furry buddies, the story is a little different. The scorching heat can take a toll on our pet dogs. That's why treating them with good grooming is essential to help them stay cool and comfortable during this time of the year. Keep reading and we'll recommend where to get Online Pet Food Suppliers In Delhi and awesome tips on how to groom your pet dogs effectively in the summer.

Regular Brushing

Apart from the well-known benefits like reduced shedding and a cleaner coat, brushing your doggo's coat regularly during the summer season will comfort them a lot. This practice not only helps remove loose fur but also allows air to circulate through their coat, keeping them cool. Just Keep in mind to Invest in a suitable brush or comb based on your dog's coat type. You can Order Pet Products Online In Delhi to find a purrfect match for your pet.

Bathing Is a Must

We get it. Some dogs can give their parents a hard time while bathing them, but Bathing your dog is essential for maintaining their hygiene and cooling them down during hot weather. But you can follow these tips for making the experience better for the furball.

  1. Use lukewarm water and dog-specific shampoo to avoid drying out their skin.
  2. Prevent water from getting in their ears.
  3. Make sure you keep your dog’s breed and skin conditions in mind while choosing an appropriate shampoo for them.

To select the best quality products for your dog, visit a Pet Store Online and choose from the best!

Be Careful While Trimming

Trimming your dog's fur can surely help them stay cool. However, be careful not to trim too much because the fur also acts like insulation from the sun's rays. Their armpit and groin areas require even special attention while doing so. Also, don’t forget to regularly trim their nails to prevent discomfort or potential injuries, as long nails can cause a problem in their movement.

Paws And Rewind

In summer, the hot concrete, gravel, and sand can be harmful to your dog's paws. This is because certain areas of your dog's body are more susceptible to sunburn and overheating. Apply pet-safe sunscreen to their exposed skin, such as the nose, ear tips, and belly, before heading outside. Remember to provide plenty of shade and fresh water whenever they spend time outdoors to ensure they stay hydrated and cool.

 Be Mindful Of The Infections

Taking a stroll around a park in Summers may attract certain unwanted guests such as ticks and fleas. They can transfer diseases to your dog that may take a serious turn. So maintaining a robust prevention routine is crucial. Consult with your veterinarian to choose the most appropriate preventive measures, such as topical treatments or oral medications. Also don’t forget to check your dog's ears, especially the ones which fold over for any signs of infections.

These grooming tips play a vital role in keeping your pet dog comfortable and safe during the hotter months. Remember, to always consult your veterinarian for specific advice tailored to your dog's individual needs. You can always visit Bellyrubs for the best-in-class pet products online for your furry companion and to make their summer even more pawsome!


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