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The havoc that COVID -19’s second wave has created has brought with it a lot of panic, stress and anxiety amongst people. Being healthy and breathing free has become a luxury today. Stepping out of our houses is not only scary but also one thing we all should avoid.

And all the events happening around have affected the regular routine of our pets and hampered their mental health drastically. Trapped inside, longing to go out, confused and frustrated, unable to express. Even pet parents are finding it hard to figure out how to deal with this crisis.
So, what should you, as a pet parent do, if you or someone in your family has caught COVID or your pet shows the symptoms of the virus? Also, how do we bridge this gap between CoronaVirus or COVID-19 and our pets?

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Some simple things. Let’s have a look.

  1. Immediately Isolate The Person Infected

If you or someone in your house becomes sick with COVID-19 and have a pet:

  • Isolate yourself from your family including your pet and get yourself tested immediately. Until then let someone else from the family take care of your pet, if possible.
  • Avoid petting and snuggling with your pet or wear a mask and wash your hands before and after coming in contact with your pet.
  • Shop Pet Products Online such as dog food, grooming products, dog treats and biscuits to avoid going outside.
  1. Stay Indoors, Stay Hydrated & Replace Your Meals With The Ones Rich in Vitamins

    To recover quickly, having the right diet, drinking lots of liquid food and water will be helpful.
    Make sure you keep your dog or pet hydrated as well. Keeping their nutrient intake in check is advisable too. Healthy dog biscuits, treats and dry & wet food help fill up that need. You can find all of these pet products at the best price in India, from the best brands across the globe on BellyRubs.

As a dedicated, ‘all things pet’ brand, we’re here to stand by you in these unprecedented COVID times and will serve you and your pet with their needs right to your doorstep.

  1. What To Do if Your Dog or Pet Gets Sick.

Call the Veterinarian and take advice online, if possible. Visiting them physically can be a bit of a trouble in these times. If you and the pet both are infected then isolate yourself immediately and make sure both of you get tested and medicated accordingly.

Even though globally , a very small amount of pets have been reported infected with COVID-19, taking the necessary precautions is always advisable.

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To keep your dog and pet engaged and entertained at home, you can order some toys online. BellyRubs offers a wide variety of pet toys that include interactive toys, plush toys, chew toys etc. Trust us, your dog would not only enjoy being at home but would feel better too.
And who doesn’t like a good play session with their pet in the evening! It helps bring in some positivity and lets one let go of some steam of all the working from home and negativity floating around on news channels.

When India is battling the second wave of CoronaVirus and cases seem to be rising by the day, it is advisable to stay home unless it is extremely necessary to go out.
Order the best in class Dog Products such as treats, biscuits, clothing, toys and Shampoos online.
BellyRubs also offers free delivery over orders above Rs. 999. Even though the delivery timing might be affected due to the ongoing corona curfew, it is any day better than going out and shopping.

We hope you and your pet stays safe and healthy. Reach out to us in case you need suggestions on what product to choose for your dog. Drop us a DM on our instagram page/ Whatsapp on +91 8595121251 or leave a comment on the blog below.

Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe and Order Online from BellyRubs.


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