How To Choose The Right Dog Bed For Your Pet

How To Choose The Right Dog Bed For Your Pet

Sleep is the battery to your pooch’s lifestyle. If it has slept well, your dog can be merry and playful throughout the day. While it can be irritable and aggressive, if the sleep was disturbing. As a dog parent, keeping a track of how many hours your dog has slept is not enough. One must ensure that their canine gets a good quality sleep too. Much like how we find our safe haven on our personal bed, our dogs crave for a safe haven on their beds too. Hence, choosing the right bed for your dog becomes imperative.

If you are looking to order pet products online, BellyRubs has got you covered. BellyRubs online pet shop has a vast collection of dog beddings and mats. These are suitable for a pet cat too. However, these are the things one must consider before choosing a dog bed –

1. Size

Measuring your dog from their head to tail is essential. This ensures that your mutt can even stretch it out in their cosy bed. When your dog balls its body in one, only its bed will be its universe. This is why pet beds from BellyRubs online pet shop guarantees the sweetest dreams since they are available in 4 different sizes as per your pooch.

2. Material

Every dog has different needs. Tending to these needs becomes important especially since it concerns your dog’s well-being. Beddings from BellyRubs are made of 100% cotton twill and have a micro fibre filling inside. They are even suitable for senior dogs with achy joints.

3. Hassle Free

Do you feel that dog beds can be a mess? Well, the best online pet products supplies store in India, BellyRubs is here to clear the air. Dog beds from BellyRubs are easily and fully washable. They have detachable cushions which means that 3 sides have a zip that allow the bolsters to come out. It also has a centre cushion which comes out as a separate unit, it has a Velcro behind to remove the cover.

4. Personalization

Pet parents can choose from over 50 beds and even tents for their dogs from BellyRubs online pet shop. These beds don’t let you compromise on the style quotient of your dog too. You can choose from different collections of custom print designs. What’s more is that you can get your dog’s name printed on the centre cushion of some beds by just adding Rs. 500 to your order.

5. Durability

All BellyRubs dog beds are sourced from Mutt of Course. These products are exclusively printed and designed for our playful mutts. Dog beds from Mutt of Course are a mark of quality and are durable. Their base is waterproof and anti-skid.

Apart from checking all the above boxes, dog beds from are available in limited edition Harry Potter designs too. Grab exclusive Harry Potter merchandise for your mutt and gift them a new bed to laze in like a king!


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