How To Choose Pet Clothes

How To Choose Pet Clothes

Every mutt is special and pet parents celebrate the uniqueness of their pets every day. Dogs become our second skin and exhibit so many traits which we can learn from. They wear their heart on their sleeve. is a one stop solution to order pet products online. At Bellyrubs online pet shop, we give pet parents an opportunity to dress their pooch in style. Yet, there are a few hygiene checks one must not overlook while choosing clothes for their four legged friends.

Here are 5 factors which must be considered while making a clothing purchase for your dog:

1. Type Match

    The secret behind making a perfect purchase for your dog when it comes to clothing lies in truly understanding your dog. It’s imperative to know whether your dog is a short coated breed or a long coated one. Breeds like Pugs and Frenchies need additional layers to safeguard themselves from cold since they are short coated.

    Even senior dogs having joint pains benefit from sweaters and jackets in winters. Our winter clothing for your canine is made of breathable cotton fabric which ensures their highest level of comfort.

    2. The Right Fit

      When it comes to your dog’s clothing every apparel should fit as perfectly as Cinderella’s sandal. Otherwise, you’ll often find your pooch’s movement to be obstructed by their clothes. And the last thing you want as a pet parent is your dog nipping at their clothes.

      Pet clothes should never go past the dog’s waist or else they can soil them whenever they get the nature’s call. Our sweaters and jackets are curated as per your dog’s size. You can explore our original Bellyrubs ‘Cute as a Button’ jacket range too.

      3. No Compromises on Quality

        Wearing a winter fabric should not be an inconvenient experience for your mutt. No matter what your dog wears it must be light yet durable. Bellyrubs online pet shop ensures a good make which can be verified through its attention to detail in elements like seams and buttons.

        You can explore our Mutt Of Course and Trixie range of sweaters and t-shirts too.

        4. Hassle Free Threads

          If your dog is having a hard time wearing a winter clothing it perhaps means that it’s not easy for them to wear it. Wearing clothes should be a hassle free experience for your mutt.

          It’s also important that your dog’s clothes are easily washable and can be washed in the machine too. All pet clothes available at are made of breathable cotton fabric and can be washed in the machine too.

          5. Wearing their Attitude

            When it comes to design and aesthetics, many believe that it doesn’t serve any practical purpose for dogs. But it does represent who your canine really is. At bellyrubs online pet shop you get an opportunity to dress your pets in style and as per their needs.

            You can even check out our all new ‘Harry Potter’ clothing collection for your mutt.

            If you are looking for the best pet products online India, is the one stop shopping destination for you. Explore amazing options for your dogs without compromising on quality!


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