Non Vegetarian vs Vegetarian Dog Treats

Non Vegetarian vs Vegetarian Dog Treats

Times are changing for sure and with the changing times, our eating habits are changing too. The human understanding of a balanced diet has seen a tectonic shift too. They are becoming increasingly environment conscious and with that there’s a great upsurge of the vegetarian diet which can be observed across the globe. But can the same equation be applied to our pet dogs too? Would feeding them a vegetarian diet be equally beneficial for them? Let’s demystify these questions through the course of this read. But before moving your dog on to a specific diet it’s important to start them off towards it through dog treats. If you’re looking to buy do treats online and your concern is to buy dog treats at best price online in India then you are at the right place. We know for sure that your google searches are filled with keywords like ‘dog treats India’ and ‘dog treats online India’. But with our guidance your search will end today!

Can a vegetarian diet meet the dietary requirements of a dog?

Yes, it’s a scientific fact that our beloved dogs have indeed evolved from wolves. But that evolution makes our dogs a lot different than wolves. One of the major genetic distinctions between the two species is that dogs have evolved to be better at digesting starches (carbohydrates) than wolves. This is why they can digest vegetarian food and survive on it.

The pancreas of dogs generates digestive enzymes, which are necessary for them to digest their food. Most dogs' pancreases are great at this, and dogs are great at breaking down starch from vegetarian food. Most plants often seen in human diets have a high digestibility in dogs.Majority of dogs can live on a vegetarian diet that meets all of their nutritional needs. Meat-free diets are frequently used by veterinary nutritionists to help manage a number of health concerns.

Which vegetarian dog treats to go for?

Before trying out an entirely vegetarian diet for your dogs, you can start off their regime with Vegetarian dog treats. Treats are effective in inculcating the right habits in your dog. You can reward them when they behave the right way with treats. This teaches them the importance of obeying their pet parents. Here are a few vegetarian dog treats which you can choose for your pooch –

  1. Bellycious Vegetarian Dog Treats

Bellycious dog treats are made with high quality and 100% human grade ingredients. All ingredients are sourced locally. There’s no added colour, preservatives and no artificial colour or palatability enhancers.

Bellycious Vegetarian Dog  Treats are available in 3 variants which are Honey & Oats, Milk with Oats and Chia Seeds and Cheese & Peanut Butter.

  1. Twistix Pumpkin Spice Flavour

All natural, wheat, corn and soy free and contains the delicious and highly palatable flavours for pumpkin and spice making the twisty pumpkin spice flavour dog treat a guilt free treat to give your dog. It’s a low fat and low protein treat which offers good oral hygiene too.

  1. Doggie Dabbas Berry Blast Cheese Jerky

These wholesome treats are created out of 3 primary ingredients. The ingredients are Cottage Cheese, Blueberries & Cranberries. They are Crunchy and helps your pooch’s teeth clean. Cranberry can help prevent Urinary Tract Infections & Blueberries are rick in anti-oxidants. These treats are preservative free, wheat, gluten and soy free.

We know that as a pet parent you are very conscious of what you want to feed your dogs with. Which is why starting off a vegetarian diet for a dog should begin with feeding them vegetarian treats. If you’re looking to buy online pet food supplies in Delhi or in India then you’re already at the right place. Stay tuned to this space for more such reads. Cheers!


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