7 Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Dry this Monsoon

7 Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Dry this Monsoon

The monsoon season which brings us a sigh of relief from the scorching heat of summer can be a really fun time of the year but like any other thing it has its pros and cons it also brings various problems and the problems don't end at just saving yourself from rain and the diseases it can cause but if you are a pet owner it can be challenging to keep your dog dry and safe as monsoon is a tough time for our furry friends as it brings a high risk of skin allergies, water borne disease, infections and to keep your pet safe from such diseases it becomes really important to keep your dog dry.

So to keep your dog dry and safe these monsoons here are a few tips

  1. Keep your Dog clean and dry

You must try to keep your dog fur from getting damp at possible times even after a walk or some playtime in the rain you should wash them with Biogroom’s Waterless Bath Shampoo or Anti-bacterial shampoo and make sure to not leave his fur damp by patting him dry with a towel or dryer. Keeping your dog dry after playtime or walk isn't just enough you need to ensure that the dog's bed or crate is kept clean and dry away from windows and openings so that it cannot be even affected by the mist. You can even use Belly rubs raincoats while walking your dog to protect him from getting damp.  

     2. Clean your Dog's paw

You should be careful with keeping your dog's paw clean and dry after walks as your dog paws are supposed to get dirty with mud and dirt so to avoid infections and infestations wash the paws withTrixie’s Paw Cleaner or antiseptic and trim the fur underneath the paw from time to time, even clean your pets paw after a walk 

      3. Keep a check on ticks and fleas

Monsoon season invites a lot of tick and flea problems for your furry friend and tick fever can be seriously hazardous for your furry friend as in some cases it can develop into kidney failure or other dermal problems so it gets important to keep on checking up on your furry friend and provide with the needed medication and wash them with Tropic lean’s Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo plus Soothing and then massage them with Happy Puppy’s Organic Anti Tick Massage Oil

      4. Deworm and groom your dog regularly

Take your dog to a vet regularly for grooming and deworming as our furry friends tend to get sick with parasites, because of the monsoon bacteria and germs and can easily thrive in your dog's fur and the best way to fight those germs and bacteria is by scheduled trimming of fur clean and dry as it gets tough to brush and clean them and deworming of our furry friend

     5. Indoor activities and Exercise

Since the heavy rain makes it almost impossible to take our furry friends out we should try to keep them more and more engaged with indoor activities and expose them to sunlight whenever possible as it is really important to keep your dog healthy as a weak immune system can turn out to be a serious problem in monsoon season for your furry friend

      6. Keep its diet clean

    You should pay attention to your dog's diet as it affects your dog's health the most, you should avoid feeding your dog food that has been kept in bowl out in open for a couple of hours, and you should avoid letting your dog drink water that isn't clean as monsoon season causes a lot of water-borne diseases and you don't want them to bother your furry friend

          7. Keep close attention to eyes, ears, and private regions

      Pay close attention to your dog's eyes, ears, and private region to protect them and clean them regularly with a warm cloth or cotton as these regions are sensitive and can easily be affected by germs and bacteria brought in by the monsoon season ensure to pat those regions dry after cleaning for which you could use Petkin’s Big n Thick Oatmeal Pet Wipes or Tropiclean’s SPA Tear Stain Facial Cleanser instead of other cheap alternatives as lacking in health care and sanitation can again be seriously harmful to you furry friend

      Even though Monsoon season causes all such problems to us and our furry friends still it has its pros and everybody does like to enjoy the monsoon season in their way so the only thing which is to be taken care of is keeping in mind these 7 seven things while you and your furry friend enjoy this monsoon season this year.


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