The Why, How and What of Dog Treats

The Why, How and What of Dog Treats
Your dogs can be mean mutts while throwing a tantrum. However, on most occasions they fill our lives with love and care. So, how do they understand the difference between being a good boy and a spoilt brat?

Well, rewarding them with treats for their obedience or for them not being fussy aids your pooch in understanding what’s right and what’s not. There are many unhealthy treats available in the normal marketplaces. They lead to obesity followed by other problems for your dog. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right treat from the right place for our four legged friends. BellyRubs Pet Foods is just the right option when it comes to shopping treats for your dog online. Order pet products online from over 100 treat choices from

Why Reward Your Dog With Treats?

No Train, No Gain

Food is what makes boring ordeals fun. Training your pooch might make them bored and irritated. However, rewarding them with a treat helps in positively reinforcing good behaviour. Treats can be used to generate a specific response in your dog to a specific command.

Bye Bye Boredom

You know your pooch is bored when they start shredding cushions, bark excessively or harm themselves. Treats, Jerkies and Biscuits from Bellyrubs can be a saviour in this situation.

By giving your canine a treat you can ensure that they remain busy while you finish your everyday chores in peace.

Make Nutrition a Tradition

Treats can act as nutritional supplements too. It supports muscle mass and activity levels in your canine. Chip Chops Chicken Squares and Barbecue Hearts available on Bellyrubs Online Pet Store are highly digestible snacks filled with nutritional benefits. With no added sugar, these treats are rich in proteins too.

Types of Dog Treats

Finding BellyRubs pet accessories online is just a click of a button away. But before you choose treats for your pooch it is important to understand the types of dog treats on offer.

Natural Chews

Before your canine learnt how to bite, they always knew how to chew. Serve their chewy instincts with Dogaholic Chewy Treats available on

Soft Treats

These treats are best suited for pups who are unable to chew hard treats. Kennel Kitchen treats available on are soft treats made without corn, soy, fillers or colours. They are all natural, edible and digestible which makes them a perfect snack.


Bellycious biscuits are prepared with all human grade ingredients and no artificial flavours. They are a classic when it comes to dog treats. All Ingredients are sourced locally when it comes to these biscuits and they can be easily ordered from BellyRubs Dog Accessories Online.


Jerkies available on assist in maintaining your pooch’s good dental health. Wheat, gluten and soy free, these Jerkies are rich in calcium too. They are carefully prepared to provide a pure, tasty and highly digestible snack.

Factors That Matter While Choosing Dog Treats

Age is not just a number

When you order pet products online it is important to consider the age of your canine too. What’s suitable for a young pup might not be suitable for a senior dog. Since, treats are rich in nutrition it is important to know the age of your pooch before ordering dog treats online.

Health History = No Mystery

Some canines react differently to different ingredients. It is important to consult a vet before choosing the right treat for your dog especially if they have a past medical ailment history.

Ingredients are Key

It is important to understand that treats made of human grade ingredients and no artificial flavours are best suited for your pooch. All BellyRubs pet foods are curated with consciousness for your pooch’s health. All treats available on the platform are rich in protein and do away with sugar.

BellyRubs reduces the friction between choosing the perfect treat for your dog. Every BellyRubs product has quality written over it and is premium to its very core.


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