10 Benefits of Supplements For Your Dog

10 Benefits of Supplements For Your Dog

Our pets are there for us through thick and thin. They often become our adorable extensions and teach us many lessons just by their mere presence in our lives. Becoming a pet parent involves reciprocating this love in different ways. Caring for your dog’s nutrition becomes a must in this mix. Every pet parent wants their pooch to be energetic and playful throughout the day. To ensure this dogs require more than just their daily meals. It is highly recommended to add supplements to your dog’s diet.

Let’s explore the benefits of supplements for your dogs -

- Pampering your Pupper

Puppies need lots of love and protein for their healthy development. However, not all dog foods meet their dietary demands for protein. A good quality meat based protein supplement ensures that your pup remains in sync with its health goals.

- All hearts for your dog’s heart

Supplements rich in Fatty Acids empower dogs with a strong cardiovascular system. While Fatty Acids like Omega 3 and 6 nourish your dog from the inside, its positive impact is visible through the dog’s shiny coat too. The Hemp seed oil from BellyRubs is a powerhouse of omegas, vitamins and antioxidants. Adding it to your dog’s dietary mix is a wise choice in the long run.

- Keeping Digestion Sorted!

We know that your dog just might be self-sufficient in every regard. However, when it comes to your dog’s digestion, it’s difficult for them to completely digest all they eat. Their bodies produce certain enzymes for digestion but they are not enough. This is where Probiotic supplements come in and save the day for your canine. Probiotics help maintain a healthy gut and prevents your dog from having tummy troubles.

- Robust Bones are a Boon

High functioning cognitive dogs have strong bone formation and blood coagulation. Calcium based supplements in regulation with the right amount of phosphorous help in preventing orthopaedic diseases. These supplements are also rich in Vitamin A and D which protect dogs from developing cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

- Boosting your Doggy’s Health

Essential nutrients need to be bioavailable within a dog’s diet. This is usually not entirely possible since vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals are lost in the commercial and domestic process of cooking, heating, dehydrating etc. Therefore, supplements add much needed nutrients to a dog’s diet.

- Ensuring Absorption

No matter which dog food you choose, it won’t improve the nutrient absorption level of your pooch. Supplements have a protein based delivery mechanism which ensures that nutrients remain available for maximum absorption.

- Kickass Doggy Skin and Coat

Fur loss, excessive shedding, lice and fungal infections are very common in canines. The Hemp seed oil from Bellyrubs replenishes your pooch’s vital systems which in turn keeps their coats shiny and prevents them from skin diseases.

- Super Senior Dogs

Senior dogs require supplements for healthy restoration, pain relief and joint maintenance. Supplements ensure that your senior dogs age gracefully. It is important that your senior dogs remain stress and anxiety free. You can order pet products online from BellyRubs. Their Organic Calming Mist is highly recommended for Senior Dogs as it relieves frayed nerves and reduces tension.

- Intense Immunity

Dogs can be infested with infections if their immune system is compromised. Immunity enhancing supplements ensure that your dog’s body stays alert and prepared to fight any disease prowling to attack.

- Brain Paw-er

Dog Supplements are rich in antioxidants which improve focus and cognitive performance. These supplements mentally stimulate your pooch and slow down their cognitive aging. Organic Calming Mist from BellyRubs helps your canine in dealing with stress and anxiety. It acts as a natural anti-depressant for your pooch and aids in getting a good night’s sleep too.

Pet-parents make absolutely no compromises when it comes to their dog’s well-being. Adding Supplements to your dog’s diet can go a long way in their life’s journey. You can now easily order pet products online from BellyRubs. It is one of the best online pet supplies store in India. Keep choosing the best for your dog and reel in the magic of their love.


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