Ways to stop common dog behaviours issues

Ways to stop common dog behaviours issues

Dogs are human best friends but as a new pet parent, it can get a bit handful to take care of your furry friend all the time. It is quite a task to train your dog to be obedient and follow your commands. Understanding your dog's behaviour problems is the first step to solving and preventing them.  A solid foundation of obedience training will help you prevent or better control many of these issues of your pet. 

1) Chewing

dog chewing your sleeper

Chewing is a natural habit for all dogs. However, excessive chewing can quickly escalate to become a  problem for you as this habit will destroy your house. To prevent this from happening again, provide your dog with sturdy chew toys which will quench his thirst for chewing. 

2) Digging

dog starts to digging and playing

 In most cases, digging is a result of excess energy and boredom, and your furry friend may use digging to release that excessive energy. Make sure you keep your dog engaged with exercise and playtime so that he can exhaust himself and not cause problems for you. Provide the dog with his dedicated digging area and take it there whenever he starts to dig. 

3) Barking

dog barking because your dog got hurt

Dogs generally bark either to show enthusiasm or to tell you that they are bored. The issue arises when the dog never stops barking. You need to be patient and understand the reason behind your dog's excessive barking and solve the problem accordingly. Sometimes it just may be due to hunger or it might be your dog got hurt and is just trying to tell you that. The goal is not to stop your dog from barking altogether but to reduce the obsession.

4) Biting

dog biting a lady

Dogs generally bite the other person if they feel intimidated or nervous. But socializing a dog in its early stages teaches them to feel relaxed around people. Gradually expose them to different groups of people or animals so they will feel safe. Spend loads of time with them socializing so they learn to trust people. Always watch for signs and make sure your dog is comfortable in the environment he is put in. So if despite your efforts your dog is a biter, see your vet or your pet's trainer for help.

5) Separation Anxiety

dog staying alone

 A dog is a social animal requiring attention, your pet grows frightened and worried that you may not come back. From whining and barking to chewing, digging, and tearing; a dog's separation anxiety is hard to cope with. To make your dog comfortable with staying alone when needed, you can start with leaving your dog alone for some brief periods. Do not give the dog attention when you come back. Simply keep patience and wait until your dog is calm. You can also try to provide your pooch with a cool place of his own with a cozy mat and some chew toys so that he could learn to stay busy on his own for a while.

Even though being a pet parent can be a little exhausting sometimes but you can easily overcome these issues with the help of exiting range of products and accessories from Belly Rubs to take train and properly take care of your dog.


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