5 best ways to keep your dog engaged at home

5 best ways to keep your dog engaged at home

It is tough to keep your furry friend engaged at home as they might get restless, but as a pet owner, you need to make your dog comfortable while keeping them occupied in your absence. A common problem faced by pet parents with young pups is that they are full of pent-up energy and can destroy many items in the house while you are not around to watch them.

Here are a few tips to keep your furry buddies engaged while you are not around:-

1)        Chew toys and other toys

Dogs in their early phases start ‘teething’ which can cause problems for you as they may destroy your expensive clothes, shoes, or accessories. To stop them from causing all this damage, you need to train your furry friend with chew toys, as they tend to love to chew toys. It not only gives your dog physical stimulation but also strengthens their teeth and makes their jaws strong. In this case, KONG Classic Rubber Dog Chew Toy is the best option because of its sturdy build and low maintenance features. It is washable and made of non-toxic materials.

2)        Exercise/Play with your Dog

Dogs generally have a lot of energy if you do not channel your pet's energy in the right direction it can become a huge issue. To avoid your pet from wrecking your house, you need to take your furry friend(s) to a garden or a large outdoor space for running, walking, or simply playing fetch with them so that they can exhaust themselves and have their own little workout.

3)        Give them their own space

You need to train your furry friend to live alone for a couple of hours every day by putting them on a cosy bed, with a mat, a water bowl, and some toys so that they understand the concept of their own space and keep themselves comfortable and busy in their crate whenever you aren’t available to look after them.

4)       Treat them with rewards

Give your pets treat rewards while training them to follow your basic commands, play puzzles with them, let them guess in which hand the treat is, and reward them with Delicious Dog Biscuits or roast chicken strips as they are healthy and sustainable options to train your furry friend. 

5)        Play indoors with your dog

We already know how important it is to keep your dog engaged, which could be helped by playing indoor games with your dog, one such game example can be hide and seek as this will keep your dog occupied when you are not at home and they won't panic and start reacting hysterically instead they will comfortably think of this situation as a game of hiding and seek.


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