5 best practices to boost your dog’s health

When it comes to making our four legged friends happy, pet parents would do whatever it takes to give them all the love they can. The happiness of your dog is contagious, hence keeping them healthy is vital too. Playfulness, excitement and high energy are signs of a healthy dog whereas laziness, irritability and increased aggression levels can be signs of being unhealthy.

As a pet parent, there are a few practices you can adopt and a few products you can use to ensure that your dog remains perfectly fit and merry. If you’re looking for pet products at best price in Delhi or pet products at best price in India, your search should end at bellyrubs.in. It’s a one stop solution for online pet products for dog India. Following are a few products and practices that can uplift your dog’s health –

1. Wholesome food offering high nutrition

    Improving your dog’s diet directly gives a boost to its health. It’s important to understand your dog’s type and nutritional requirements. When it comes to a dry dog food diet, your canine acquires more calories through smaller portions of dry meals. The dry dog food should contain essential nutrition and no fillers.

    Kennel Kitchen’s Limited Ingredient Diet – Chicken Recipe is the perfect dry dog food meal for your pooch. It’s Corn Free and Soy Free with the goodness of 70% chicken. This offers high protein of 30% and high fat of 15%. Its recipe contains a long list of super foods such as turmeric, moringa and ashwagandha. These super foods are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. They contribute to improved gut health and immunity. You can buy the same online at the best online pet supplies store in India, bellyrubs.in.

    2. Blessing your mutt with a silky smooth fur and great skin

      A shiny coat and healthy skin are indicators of a well-groomed mutt. Dogs can encounter a variety of fur and skin based problems like dry skin, acne, eczema, inflammation, rashes and dandruff.

      Happy Puppy's Hemp Seed Oil is one product that counters all the above mentioned problems and helps with Arthritic Pain too. The Hemp Seed Oil is organic, raw and cold-pressed to bring you the best of nature. It has the perfect balance of Omega 3,6,9 and contains a rich blend of essential fatty acids and GLA's that are crucial to your pet’s skin health. Your search to order pet products online Delhi or India ends at bellyrubs.in with Happy Puppy's Hemp Seed Oil being available here too.

      3. Munching and training go hand in hand

        When it comes to inculcating discipline in your mutt’s life, there’s nothing better than offering them a biscuit when they behave nicely. Also, a few biscuits through the day helps pet parents in showering their dogs with love.

        You can check out our exclusive range of bellycious biscuits available in six tantalizing variants. They are made with high quality & 100% Human Grade Ingredients with them all being sourced locally. There are no added colours or artificial flavours within the biscuits.

        4. Treat your mutts with treats

        We know that pet parents are often on the lookout for dog treats at best price online in India. However, they must ensure that these treats are natural and sourced locally.

        Twistix Vanilla Mint Treats are one of the best natural dog treats online. It helps remove plaque and tartar build-up in your canine’s teeth through chewing. Peppermint, parsley and chlorophyll freshen breath. It’s an all-natural and completely digestible treat. And the best part is that these sticks are wheat and corn free. Check them out on bellyrubs.in.

        5. Soothing solutions for the skin

          Your dogs often encounter rashes, abrasions, inflamed dry, itchy and irritated skin. Happy Puppy's Healing Hemp Balm is a natural topical treatmentwith a healing blend of ingredients that are antibacterial, anti-fungal,anti-inflammatory. It prevents and heals infections to speed recovery. It creates a nourishing barrier to block contamination while deeply healing and soothing affected areas. A pup-aid-kit essential!

          Offering a blend of healing oils and butters, our Hemp Healing Balm is a boon for your pet's skin troubles.

          Caring for your pooch the right way is a must and at bellyrubs.in we got you covered. Empower your dog’s health with these 5 essentials and give them a much needed boost.

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