Which pet supplies to look for online as a new pet parent? (Part 2)

The initial days of being a pet parent can be extremely exhausting. Puppies require a lot of care and affection in their formative days at their new home. They need to get acclimatized to their surroundings and must feel welcome within their family.

However, with a little patience and love you can ace the task of being a new pet parent. What’s important is having the right goods for taking up this role. When you’re looking for online pet food supplies in Delhi or in India, bellyrubs.in should be your one stop destination. It offers pet products at best price in Delhi and more so pet products at best price in India.

In continuation to our earlier read, these are a few more pet supplies which are a must for a new dog parent –

1. Unleash your pup with a leash and collar

Your pup has a personality and as a pet parent you have to express it for them. Dog collars are pet essentials which identify your dog uniquely. They help onlookers and strangers in realizing that your pup is your world. When your pup is ready to venture into the outside world, leashes become a pet essential too. They ensure that your pup doesn’t go astray and help you in exercising a little restraint on your mutt.

If you’re looking to buy pet food and accessories in Delhi or India, bellyrubs.in should be your destination. You can check out exclusive Harry Potter themed dog collars from Mutt Of Course and various other designs too. Dog collars from ZeeDog offer a 4-point locking system for added safety and are available in attractive designs too.

Both brands offer beautiful leashes too which are soft on your hands and your pooch’s fur too. They are available in crisp and bright colours offering longer durability.

2. No tricks only treats

Pups must learn the importance of behaving nicely. They must also be rewarded when they respond adequately to their training sessions. This is where treats come in and save the day.

However, while choosing the best treat for your dog, as pet parents we should ensure that they offer high nutritional value and have no added sugar in them. We can also choose treats which are good for their oral hygiene too.

When it comes to choosing the best treats for puppies India, bellyrubs.in is nothing but the best online pet supplies store in India. You can choose from a wide selection of treats brands. These brands include Awesome Pawsome, Boo Boo’s Best, Chip Chops, Dogaholic, Fresh for Paws, Hoggers and Jerhigh. You can even consider adding a little twist to your pooch’s treats by offering them jerkies from Chip Chops, Doggie Dabbas, Jerhigh and Kennel Kitchen. Our exclusive range of Bellycious Biscuits are every pet parent’s first choice too when it comes to dog treats. They come in 6 scrumptious variants too.

3. Grooming solutions for your blooming pup

It’s important that your pup has a healthy skin and smooth fur. It keeps your dog free from rashes, inflammation and shedding of fur.

If you’re looking to buy shampoo for dogs in Delhi or India, bellyrubs.in would surely be the best place to start and end your search. It offers other grooming solutions for your pup too. At bellyrubs.in, we’ve curated a fine range of products matching the grooming requirements of your mutt. These include products from brands like Aroma Tree, Beeps, Biogroom, Earthbath, Forbis, Happy Puppy Organics,M-Pets, OUT!, Petkin, Trixie and Tropiclean.

You can choose the products matching your pupper’s requirement and keep their hygiene intact through them.

We understand that you don’t want to make any compromises especially when it comes to your pup’s health and nutrition. For the same reason we offer nothing but the best for your puppy. Stay tuned for more products which are essential to the well-being of your pup.

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