How to cool down your furries in summers?

How to cool down your furries in summers?

Summertime can be full of fun adventures for your dogs and you, but as the scorching heat and humidity increase, it gets tougher for your furry friend because like humans they do not have sweat glands on their skin. So they get way hotter than us in lesser time. Therefore, to save them from the heat, you need right apparatus and knowledgefor protecting your dog from the horrors of summertime.

Tips to keep your furry friend safe from the scorching heat this summer:

1)   Keep your dog hydrated 

    One of the methods to keep your dog safe from these heat waves is by keeping your dog hydratedwith a bowl of fresh water, Posh Pooch White Dog Wine orWoof & Brew: Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer which all are healthy, Alcohol-Free and Non-Carbonated options for your dog. The bottom line is to keep your furry friend hydrated and avoid any chances of heat stroke and dehydration which is quite a common issue, your furries might face in the summer season.

    2)  Groom your dog regularly 

    Regular grooming is a requirement for your furry friend as a daily brush on the fur makes their fur loose which will help your dog cool off. This also varies as some dogs have a heavy fur coat to protect them from heat. So for grooming your dog you should schedule an appointment and consult a professional vet before you give your dog a new haircut. Dog's skin may even get sensitive to heat after you trim their fur coat for which you could buy a pet-safe sun cream to protect your furry friend.

    3)       Schedule your dog walks

    You need to schedule your dog walks either early morning or late at night when the temperature is favourable, as exercise and jogging when the temperature is very high can overheat your dog and also drain your energy. So plan your dog’s walks according to the weather conditions so that neither you nor your dog exhausts themselves.

    4)       Shield your dog's paw

    The floor gets hot in summer, and so does sand, and even though it is easier for humans to keep up with the heat with our shoes on, it is way more difficult for your furry friend due to their sensitive skin. In this case, you should either try to walk your dog in a grassy or shaded area, or ProtexPawz Colour - Disposable Dog Boots can be a reliable option to protect your dog's paws from getting burned this summer.

    5)       Provide your dog territory to cool off

    On hot summer days, dogs tend to lie on cool surfaces, so you can put up mats, a curtain, and a fan to keep their crate cool and comfortable. You can even give your dog treats that can cool him down, such as peanut butter and ice cream, as this will keep your dog cool in this scorching heat. You could even buy your dog a pool for paddling set in the shade so that whenever your dog feels exhausted from the heat, they can get themselves an instant cooldown.

    Again Summers are a great time to enjoy with your pets but with all the fun activities, you also need to take care of your furry friend in this rising temperature and humidity as they are far more sensitive than us and as pet owners, it is our responsibility to make our pets feel safe and comfortable.


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