6 Must Have Dog Grooming Tools For Every Pet Parent

Grooming your dog is an essential task of being a pet parent. Dog Grooming helps ensure a healthy, hygienic and happy pet and helps strengthen your relationship with your dog. And due to the pandemic most of us have switched to shopping online. Hence, choosing the best pet products online in Delhi, India is the way to go.

BellyRubs is your gateway to ordering pet products online. BellyRubs is also one of the most reliable online pet supplies stores in India that offers premium pet products at best price.

Here we present 6 must have dog grooming tools for you. These dog grooming tools keep your dog happy, healthy, clean, tick free and hygienic at all times.


Dog Shampoos are specifically designed for your dog’s skin, hair and body’s wellbeing. A dog shampoo tops the list of dog grooming tools as it is the purrfect partner for your dog’s skin and hair.

You can shop a wide variety of dog shampoos online at BellyRubs, one of the best online pet shops in India. You can order Dog shampoos online in Delhi and around, that are best for shed control, detangling, maintaining Ph level of the skin, body cleansing, relief from hot spots and dandruff. BellyRubs also offers puppy shampoos and dirty dog shampoos.

Buy Dog Shampoos Online in Delhi and around, from one hundred percent reliable brands like Earthbath, Trixie, Tropiclean and Forbis are all for the taking. We recommend you to check out  the 2 in 1 shampoo-conditioner from Earthbath and organic shampoos and oils for shiny fur and coat from Happy Puppy Organics. Dry shampoos from Trixie and waterless bath shampoo from Bio Groom for quick and easy grooming are also some great products you can order without a doubt.


You might wonder if your dog really needs a conditioner? The answer to this is Yes. A good conditioner nourishes the skin , maintains the texture of the dog’s hair and keeps it moisturised. Dog conditioners further add to the overall health of your dog’s skin and body, especially the hair.

So, if you’re looking to buy dog conditioners online in delhi or anywhere else in India, you can easily shop for specially selected dog conditioners from BellyRubs. These include Oatmeal & Aloe Conditioner (Vanilla & Almond) from Earthbath, Kiwi and Cocoa Butter Pet Conditioner and Lime & Cocoa Butter Pet Conditioner from Tropiclean and Aloe Rinse conditioner from Forbis.


Dog wipes come with multiple utilities catering to specific dog requirements. The major benefit of using a dog wipe is that it keeps your dog hygienic, clean and conditioned.

You can shop pet wipes for your dog from BellyRubs, the best online pet supplies store in India. It offers pet wipes from trusted brands such as Petkin. You can choose pet wipes as per your pets needs or your requirements. Visiting the online store of BellyRubs, you can find Ear Wipes, Tushie Wipes, Pet Wipes Valu-Pak, itchwipes, doggywipes and a catalogue full of other pet wipes for you to choose from.

Dental Care

Dental care for your dog is a crucial and often neglected grooming process. As a pet parent starting dental care early when your little pooch is just a pup can be quite helpful for you as a dog parent.

Dental Care helps prevent bad breath, tooth loss, dental diseases and oral pain. It protects teeth and gums by helping you remove plaque which could be dangerous for your dog’s organs if not taken care of at an earlier stage.

BellyRubs, India’s best dog store online has just the right set of grooming tools for your dog’s complete dental care. Shopping for your dog’s dental care online is made easy with BellyRubs. Here you can find dog toothpaste, toothbrush set, plaque spray and dental food spray among others.

Hair & Coat Care

While hair and coat care varies from dog to dog , it is necessary for a pet parent to understand their dog’s hair and the care it needs. A good hair and coat with shiny and strong hair vouches for a dog’s good health.

BellyRubs offers you ease and accessibility to the best dog grooming products that’ll help you save time and keep your pet healthy and looking as dashing as always.

You can choose various dog grooming products from brands like Trixie, Earthbath and TropiClean. Detangling spray and Aromatherapy spray from Trixie and Lavender Spritz from Earthbath are some hot Grooming Spritz picks. Fur Care Gloves, Dog Brushes, Dog Flea Comb and a lot of other dog grooming items for you to choose from are available online.

Tick & Flea Treatment

The humidity that monsoon brings with itself and the existing heat in the atmosphere are both favourable for ticks and fleas to make home in your dog’s skin.

They latch onto the hair and suck out blood causing rashes, irritation and even serious diseases if not treated every now and then. Hence, Your Online Dog Store, BellyRubs has got you covered. Dog grooming means dealing with ticks and fleas and making sure your dog is healthy inside out. We offer organic and natural tick and flea treatment products from the best of brands ready to be delivered right to you. Organic Anti Tick Shampoo, Natural Flea And Tick Dog Collar, Organic Anti Tick Massage Oil, OUT! Natural Tick & Flea Spray and more such tick and flea treatment products for your dog’s immune system and tick free living are availble.

Apart from these, your little friend’s paws are an extremely sensitive area. Especially in the monsoon, taking care of your dog’s paws becomes necessary. Happy Puppy Organics offers paw balm for your puppy's paw care.  BellyRubs is your go to online pet shop and we’re here to serve you and your pet with an all round care and the best products online in India.

You can also connect with us over Instagram and share your queries or questions regarding grooming your pet with us. We’ll be happy to help you choose the best product for your dog. Shopping dog grooming products online is made easy as you can also reach out or order dog products via WhatsApp. BellyRubs offers free shipping on orders above Rs. 999. We promise you that your search for the best online dog store and best online dog supplies store ends at BellyRubs.
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