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When it comes to a good warm shower after a long tiring day or a refreshing cold one in the morning, the right products can enhance the experience multifold.

We fancy our bathrooms with the best of soaps, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and what not. Isn’t it? The aroma, the feeling, the freshness and the cleansing, everything amounts to our body and mind feeling good about itself.

Hence, as pet parents and dog owners it is extremely important to take care of our dog’s hygiene and health. Our dogs not only deserve all the love and care but an all round grooming routine for their healthy skin, hair, body and mind. How do you, as pet parents, do that? Well, that is where we, BellyRubs, tap your shoulder and ask you to relax and take the back seat.

As the Best Dog Store Online, we offer all that you need at the comfort of your home and budget.

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We’ve Put Together The Best For You and Your Dog

After thorough study, hundreds of review reads, comparisons and in-depth research, we’ve put together the best dog shampoos, puppy shampoos and dog conditioners from the finest brands across the globe, just for you and your dogs.Call it an affordable luxury or an affordable necessity, BellyRubs offers a wide variety of  these products online, with free delivery on orders above Rs. 999, anywhere in India.

We bet, If your dogs could read this, they would be wagging their tails , running and jumping all over the house.

The Need For Dog and Puppy Shampoos and Dog Conditioners.

If we talk about the science of it, they help maintain the Ph of a dog’s skin that helps prevent redness and rashes.They are mild on the skin and do not harm or damage the pet’s body and hair. Simply put, dog shampoos and conditioners act as cleansing agents that are useful against germs and ticks and help keep one’s pet healthy.  If you visit our website , you’ll see a variety of dog shampoos and conditioners that target specific issues and provide solutions to problems that one’s dog might be facing.

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Specially curated shampoos help with detangling, shed control, hot spot relief, anti-dandruff and a lot more other such common and uncommon issues.
We serve a collection of products packed with the goodness of Kiwi, Neem, Lime, Aloe, Oatmeal, Cocoa, Tea Tree Oil, Olive , Coconut and other such wonderful nutrients. Why, you ask? Because we’re dedicated to becoming the Best Online Pet Store in India. We strive for happy pets, happy owners and a happy world. We never compromise on our quality and make sure we bring the best of everything for our customers, pets and pet parents.

Some of the brands we serve products of are Earthbath, Forbis, Tropiclean and

Trixie.Here, have a look at our shampoo collection and our dog conditioners

Still here? What are you waiting for?
Let’s together build for our dog’s all-round grooming, healthy growing and always glowing kinda lifestyle.

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