Bowls and Feeders - How to Choose One for Dogs?

Bowls and Feeders - How to Choose One for Dogs?

As a pet parent, one of the most challenging aspects is to provide a healthy and active lifestyle for your pet. From choosing the food, the cosier bed, and the chew toy to the perfect bowl or feeder. Every one of these choices matters when you are concerned with keeping your dog healthy and comfortable in your house.

While this can be difficult to decide as a pet owner, to understand and choose according to your dog's needs, here are some criteria to help you decide whether a bowl or a feeder is the right choice for your dog :

  • Space – whether or not you have sufficient space to keep a big bowl also matters when deciding whether to get a feeder or bowl as adult dogs like to feed out of a big bowl as it avoids overeating, as big bowl such as Fishbone Slow Feeding Bowl paces down your dog eating speed
  • Pets Age – pets' age plays a significant role when deciding on a feeder or a bowl suitable for your furry friend. Smaller pups might prefer a shallow bowl so that they can finish their food quickly, while an adult dog would require a broad and shallow bowl to complete his food with ease, and if we talk about a senior dog they need a bowl elevated to the height of your furry friend as they cannot bend that much
  1. Feeding Frequency – The no. meals you give out to your furry friends also shape the choice of bowl or feeder to give to your furry friend. If you feed your dog 3-5 small meals a day. TX1 Automatic Food Dispenser can be helpful for you but if your dog eats 2 -3 large meals a day, a large dog bowl can be useful
  1. Placement of the bowl – as a pet parent, you should not keep your pet's food bowl on any slippery or wet surface as this makes it difficult for your pet to eat his food as the bowl will keep on sliding, which makes your dog struggle to finish their food which is why you should put your dog's food on a mat. You can also keep the food in a bowl or feeder with a built-in placemat so that your dog can finish his food with ease and even lie down and get comfortable while eating his food

While it can be tough to make any choice while we are buying and as a pet parent it gets even more challenging, as it is your responsibility to make the right choice regarding your pet's welfare. These criteria should help you make the better choice according to the needs of your furry friend because they trust you to make the right decision when it comes to their health and comfort.


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