BellyRubs, The Purrfect Partner For Pets and Pet Parents in India

BellyRubs, The Purrfect Partner For Pets and Pet Parents in India

Becoming a pet parent is one hell of a ride. While most of us like the idea of it , many aren’t prepared or aware of the right products and care  that needs to be undergone in upbringing them. Well, that is where we jump in. Whether you are a beginner pet parent or a well experienced one, everyone wants the best for their pets. A one stop destination where you can find everything for your pet that is top notch in quality, comes from a trusted brand and does not weigh heavy on your pockets.

If you’re a pet parent who often finds themselves stuck while shopping for their pets , then BellyRubs is your place to be. We are the perfect partners in this journey of yours as pet parents. We have your back when it comes to pet supplies and we’re  dedicated to keep evolving as the Best Online Pet Shop in India.

What makes BellyRubs the Best Online Pet Store in India?

Read ahead to find out. We promise it would bring about great clarity in your decision making when shopping online for your pets and would also provide you a lot of insight about how we function and what we serve.

At BellyRubs, Pets are Priority.

We’ve built an ecosystem where pets are priority. We’ve treasured the finest products from around for your furry family so that they can live a marvelous life.

We envision to build a brand with ‘all things pets’. High on quality, a to z collection of things and elements of affordable luxury put together to save you time, money, unnecessary to and fro and gifting you in return a strengthened relationship with your pet.  Pamper them, spoil them and shower them with all your love. You choose and we’ll serve.

best pet products online India

All we strive for is ‘Happy owners, happy pets and a happy world’.

Wide Variety, Best in Business Quality Products from India and Abroad.

We love pets. We understand what it means being a parent to one and how it is a responsibility of sheer dedication, love and energy. Hence, we strive towards giving you the best experience by serving exceptional products brought to you from across the globe. We have a wide range of categories with a catalog full of all the right things for your pets.

From  Grooming, Treats and Biscuits, Dog Food, Toys to  Health, Clothing and Accessories for your pets we have you and your pet needs covered. Under each category, there are various options from different brands to choose from which enables you to choose the best for your pets. We stock up renowned international brands such as Gigwi, Kong, Jerhigh, Chip Chops, Zeedog, Orijen, Acana and many others. We also work with top quality Indian brands such as Doggie Dabbas and Mutt of Course.

Take a sneak peek into our brand base over here.

At BellyRubs, We Serve Affordable Luxury at Your Convenience.

From building an Online store that every dog lover dreams of, to putting together premium products for a pawtastic experience, all of us at BellyRubs want your pet to live a luxurious life at an affordable price. All our products are reasonably priced and are often paired with promotional discounts on the house. BellyRubs also offers free shipping on orders over Rs. 999 making the shopping experience even more attractive and easy on the pocket.

At BellyRubs, We Go an Extra Mile.

With the ever evolving world , everyone wants things at their ease and convenience. Hence, We go an extra mile and let you shop with us via our Website, Whatsapp and Facebook/Instagram DMs.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction (both the pets and pet parents) is our top most priority and our team is always available and happy to help you choose the right and the best products for your pets according to your needs. BellyRubs offers Cash On Delivery and Online Payment methods, and you may choose either at your convenience. Our online shopping store offers a very smooth and simple shopping and checkout experience. Our orders are shipped within 48 hrs, delivering your packages super-fast so you don’t have to wait for long!

We’d love to connect with you over our social media and hear about your experiences as pet parents. Just know that we’re here for you in this journey of yours and we will always work harder to bring you and your pets the best. That’s a promise! Should we shake paws on that? Haha. Guess, the jokes need a bit work on though.

We proudly shoulder the responsibility of being the best online supplies store in India and the Best Online Pet Shop here. Do drop your feedback or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you. Your happiness keeps us working harder and keeps our vision shining bright.

BellyRubs is, and will always be the purrfect partner for you and your pets.

Here’s the link to our website.Happy Shopping!

WhastsApp +918595121251


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