Winter Care for your Dogs

Winter Care for your Dogs

It’s often said and observed that a mutt reflects the characteristics displayed by its pet parent. Well, as pet parents you can slack off too from time to time especially in winters. Rarely do people like getting out of the bed and carrying out their normal lives in winters.  Much like us, our canines love to laze around in winters. They tend to be less excited and easily tired during this season. It can get to a point where they even become irritable.

As a pet parent, we need to empower our dogs to get over their winter woes. We can do this with a little help from the best online pet supplies store in India, Following are the facets which should be looked into while caring for your dogs in winters 

1. Establishing your mutt’s comfort zone

    It’s imperative to create a dedicated comfortable and cosy space for your dog within your home. Your four legged friends might love snuggling with you in your bed during winters but they need their own safe space too. You can choose their beds from our exclusive range of Bellyrubs beds available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is absolutely no room for compromising on designs as there are over 30 designs on offer.

    You can top the beds with our fine range of mats from Mutt Of Course. These mats are skid proof and have a waterproof bottom too.

    2. Dress ‘emdoggos in style

      Your dogs need winter wear protection too depending on whether they are a short coated breed or a long coated one. You can choose their threads from as it’s easily the place where you get pet products at best price in India.

      You can check out exclusive Bellyrubs  ‘Cute as a Button’ and ‘Check Me Out’ jacket collection. While you can also explore Dog Sweaters from Mutt Of Course.

      3. Caring for your Pooch’s Coat

        Choosing shampoo for dogs in Delhi just got easier with bellyrubs. Winters are rough on your dog’s coat. You can curtail the dryness of their coat by using Earthbath dog shampoo India. Earthbath offers unique shampoos tackling different issues pertaining to a dog’s coat.

        Trixie’s Coconut Oil Shampoo can be used to massage as well as cleanse your mutts. You can even give your dog a waterless shampoo in winters with Biogroom’s Waterless Bath Shampoo. It allows you to give your dog a waterless bath without wetting or rinsing especially designed for winters.

        4. Healthy Meals are a must

          The water intake of your pooch reduces significantly in winters. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep them nourished through a wet dog food diet. It provides them with the necessary hydration to keep them charged throughout the day.

          Bellyrubs offers a variety of wet dog food options from Fresh For Paws, Kennel Kitchen and the Little Big Paw. Most of these wet dog food meals contains high levels of Chicken that provide high levels of protein, healthy energy levels and easier digestibility.

          Winters are a special season for your canines too. Therefore, tending to them with special attention is a must too. Celebrate winters with your mutts and enjoy this beautiful season to its fullest.


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