Which pet supplies to look for online as a new pet parent? (Part 1)

If you’re reading this, it can mean either of two things. You have begun the most love filled journey of your life or are planning to. So, right before going all out and searching on google for something like ‘online pet products for dog india’, you need to understand a few things as a new pet parent.

In the beginning, situations might go south and it all might seem a bit too overwhelming. Bu t right then look at your mutt’s innocent face and remember that it’s going to be alright. Your little ball of fur is going to fill your life with affection.

Whether you might be looking for pet products at best price in Delhi or for pet products at best price in India, your search should begin and end at bellyrubs.in. Here are a few must have pet supplies for new pet parents –

1. Food for your pooch’s soul

    Puppies require 22% of their calories from protein sources and 8% of their calories from fat sources. Dog food available at bellyrubs.in offers just the right amount of protein, fat and omega 3 fatty acids for your puppies. You can choose either a wet or a dry dog food diet based on your canine’s size and nutritional requirement.

    Acana, Doggie Dabbas, Kennel Kitchen, Orijen, Fresh For Paws and Little Big Paw are the premium brands offering their dog food online in Delhi and all across India through bellyrubs.in.

    2. Feeding Bowls that bowl your pupper over

      It’s imperative that as a new pet parent you want to provide the best nutrition to your mutt. But how you serve the food and where you serve it is important too. Interesting and strong feeding bowls keep your puppies engaged and ensure durability too. This is where our fine range of melamine and silicon with stainless steel exclusive bellyrubs bowls come in. Almost all our bowls are skid proof and designed with attention to detail. There’s hardly any spillage when your pup enjoys their favourite food in their favourite bowl.

      You can choose from different bowl sizes as per your need too. Bowls from other brands like M-Pets, Mutt Of Course and Trixie are available on the website too.

      3. Your pup’s home within your home

        Choosing the right bed, mat or tent for your puppy is very crucial for its health. Especially since puppies sleep on an average of 18-20 hours a day. With bellyrubs.in you can craft the perfect comfort zone for them.

        You can choose their beds from our exclusive range of Bellyrubs beds available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is absolutely no room for compromising on designs as there are over 30 designs on offer.

        You can top the beds with our fine range of mats from Mutt Of Course. These mats are skid proof and have a waterproof bottom too. If you’re looking to give your pooch an ultra-comfortable space, you can even choose stylish indoor and outdoor tents from Woof Roof available on bellyrubs.in.

        When it comes to being a new pet parent this is just the beginning. Stay tuned to this space if you’re looking for essentials for your pup. We’ll be right back with highlighting more products for your pup very soon.

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